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Welcome to the website of EUREMCO – EUropean Railway ElectroMagnetic COmpatibilityThe current authorisation process required for new rail vehicles before putting them into service is carried out according to Technical Specifications for Interoperability and national safety rules, in a very long and costly process. The Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) provide common regulations for authorisation of new vehicles, when such common understanding and harmonised rules exist. If a vehicle is TSI compliant and has obtained authorisation in one EU member state, this will automatically be valid in all other member states. However, no TSI yet exists for Electromagnetic Compatibility between rail vehicles and installed track circuits, although the testing for this represents one of the major cost drivers in the authorisation process. Indeed, each country has developed its own requirements and assessment processes – in many cases on an empirical basis and which are not documented.

The EUREMCO project’s objective is to harmonise and reduce the certification process of rail vehicles for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). The project will specify the conditions for certification throughout Europe, based on sound scientific methodologies. These will allow for the identification of the “transfer functions” that have to be applied to the results obtained on different test tracks in different countries, with the same electric supply voltage. For this purpose, a common understanding of transients, very short and very high interference currents, and a harmonised test procedure will be also developed. By addressing also non-electrified lines, the EUREMCO project will cover the whole European railway network.

By closing the relevant “open points” in the TSIs, the EUREMCO project will lead to a time and cost reduction of the certification process of rail vehicles for  Electromagnetic Compatibility issues,  corresponding to an estimated saving of €60m over the next 15 years.